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A South Australian Peak Body lobbying and advocating for the elimination of violence against women and children. Membership consists of non-government organisations working with women and children experiencing domestic and family violence.


The Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services of South Australia

The Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services of South Australia (CWDVSSA) maintains that all people have an essential human right to respect, safety and self-determination.


The Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services will provide effective leadership in South Australia to address violence against women and children, and will do this by:
Working in partnership with key stakeholders to improve outcomes for women and children affected by domestic violence or family violence and abuse
Promoting community awareness of violence against women and children and its personal and social consequences on both the victim and society
Providing leadership as a State Women’s Advisory Body
Contributing to, and monitoring polices, legislation and programs which impact on women and children
Promoting equity of access to services for all women, including Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women, refugee, immigrant and culturally and linguistically diverse women, women in rural and isolated areas,
and women with disabilities and other significant health issues

Strategic Plan 2012 -2014

Objective 1:
Establish a Violence Against Women Peak in South Australia which strives for the elimination of violence against women and children.

To work in partnership with key stakeholders to develop and implement a Violence Against Women Peak in South Australia.

Objective 2:
Ensuring improved outcomes for women and children by contributing and monitoring policy development, legislation and program development regarding the impact of Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence on women’s and children’s lives.

Actively participate and influence state and national advocacy initiatives.


Information on the definitions and impact of domestic and family violence, fact sheets and where to get help.


Name Adelaide Domestic Violence Crisis Accommodation Service – Bramwell House
Regions serviced Referrals taken from all regions
Services Provided Short term crisis accommodation for women and children escaping Domestic Violence
Supported accommodation includes assistance with basic food and all necessary items
Domestic Violence Counselling
Assistance with reports to SAPOL, appointments with Lawyers, Court attendance , Safety planning and risk assessments, etc.
Children’s support and weekly play group
Referrals to professional family counselling
Referrals to professional children’s counselling
Contact details Adelaide Domestic Violence Crisis Accommodation Service – Bramwell House
08 83797223
0438 561 997
Website link http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/en/Find-Us/South-Australia/BramwellHouse/


Name Centacare Catholic Family Services, Ceduna
Regions serviced Ceduna region including local Aboriginal communities
Services Provided


Access Programs provides Employment Assistance Programs which address the needs of the organisations and their employees through a comprehensive range of services, at the core of which is short-term, professional counselling using evidence-based psychological interventions.Domestic ViolenceThe Ceduna Domestic Violence & Aboriginal Family Violence Service is a service for women and children who in are or have experienced domestic violence or Aboriginal family violence. Our goal is to provide, or ensure provision of, services that support women to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment for their children and themselves.

Family Relationship Services

These programs consist of; Family Relationship Counselling, Men and Family Relationships Program, and Family Relationship Education and Skills Training.

Alternative Care

Family Based Foster Care Services provide respite; emergency, short term of long term care for children and young people referred to us who are unable to live with their families and for whom relative or kinship care is not an option. This service aims to provide a supportive, stable and nurturing placement for children and young people and the Guardianship or Custody y of the Minister. It also aims to provide high levels of support and training for carers, in order to ensure the best placement outcome possible. Emergency Relief
Clients are provided with an Emergency Relief appointment where their immediate crisis and needs are discussed to assess whether assistance is required. Proof of income (eg Centrelink Income Statement or Payslips) are often requested to be provided to aid the provider in understanding current circumstances). Appointments are Mon-Wed-Fri at
9.30am-11.30am.Financial Counselling
Centacare Catholic Country SA Financial Counselling is a free and confidential service offering support, assistance and education in situations where financial issues may be causing concern. Appointments are Monday and Thursdays.

Targeted Early Intervention

Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) is part of the Stronger Families Safer Children program which aims to support families who have contact with the child protection system. The TEI program provides a high level of support for families and is based on support through a therapeutic assessment of the family’s current situation.

General Homelessness

The overall aim is to provide supported accommodation and related support services to help people who are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness achieve the maximum possible degree of self-reliance and independence. Further within this aim the goals are to resolve crisis; to re-establish family links; and to re-establish a capacity to live independently of Specialist Homelessness Services.

Contact details Centacare Catholic Family Services
15 McKenzie Street
Ceduna SA 5690
Tel: (08) 8625 3810
Email: admin@centacarecdpp.org.au
Website link www.centacarecdpp.org.au/locations/ceduna


Name Centacare Limestone Coast Domestic Violence Service
Regions serviced The Limestone Coast encompasses Local Government Areas of Grant, Kingston, Mount Gambier, Naracoorte & Lucindale, Robe, Tatiara and Wattle Range. Major urban centres within the region include Mount Gambier, Naracoorte and Millicent.
Services Provided

Limestone Coast Domestic Violence Service (LCDVS) provides support to women and children escaping or experiencing family and domestic violence. LCDVS provides a range of services to assist women to make rights based choices, and specialist domestic violence staff will provide individualised case management services to support and enhance those choices.

Services include:

Safe and supported accommodation
Support for children and young people
Group work programs for women and children
Referral and advocacy
Services are available to women across the Limestone Coast and workers will travel to any location within the region as needed

Contact details 08 8723 1385 or 1800 631 385
Website link www.centacare.org.au


Name Centacare Louise Place
Regions serviced Statewide
Services Provided
  • Onsite accommodation & 24 hour support;
  • Emergency accommodation & 24 hour support;
  • Outreach accommodation & support;
  • Outreach support only;
  • ICAN – flexible learning option for the young women we service;
  • Day Care Centre – child-minding enabling the young women to participate in ICAN, Case Plan meetings, other programs;
  • Playgroup;
  • Parenting Group;
  • 2 Be Me – program to build young women’s self-esteem;
  • Professional referral to other specialist services
  • Seasonal & School Holiday outings & events.
Contact details
(relevant for displaying on website)
Louise Place – Young Family Support Program
5 Randolph Avenue FULLARTON SA 5063
P: 08 8272 6811 | F: 08 8272 9327
W: www.centacare.org.au

Website link www.centacare.org.au


Name Centacare MurrayLands Domestic Violence Service
Regions serviced Adelaide Hills, Coorong, Murray Bridge and Riverland
Services Provided


Short term emergency accommodation (Berri), medium term housing and assistance to access longer term housing

Aboriginal assistance

Providing a culturally sensitive service and referrals to specialist Aboriginal services if required Low income support
For those who need of a little extra help to get by, we can provide an emergency food pack, general assistance and referral for budgeting Access to Housing Association homes:
Assistance to fill out an application form to access a Women’s Housing Association home anywhere they have stock in SA Various Groups for Women
Activities include craft, computing, mosaics and guest speakers – Riverland

The Phoenix Room:

A space designed specifically to hold groups and for visiting services to utilise. The room has laptop computers and printer, a library of books and DVDs, an electronic whiteboard, a large plasma television and a Wii console – RiverlandCommunity Education:
Specialised and designed for each occasion. Tailor made power point presentations by specialist domestic violence staff. Presentations available upon request

Outreach support for women not requiring accommodation:

Appointments may be made in other towns. Current regular visits to Waikerie, Renmark and Loxton and Mt Barker

Early Intervention Service:
Connection with a specialist early intervention worker providing home visits and intensive support

Post Separation Support:

Assistance with housing, income, items for a new home, and a service support network

Men asking for help:

Referral options to men’s programs/assistance

Kindred Spirit Healing Center:

A new service for women with addictions, women from culturally diverse backgrounds and a specific Aboriginal women’s program – Riverland

Specialist financial planning:
Referral to a volunteer qualified practitioner

Assistance to commence or re-commence education particularly TAFE

Strengthening Relationships:
Providing education and counselling for our clients to raise self-esteem and confidence. Also referral points for abusive partners to enable women returning to their relationships a chance of making it happier and safer

Emergency Foodbank Program:

For those tough times when there is not enough food in the home. Volunteers prepare, cook and freeze healthy meals ready for us to give out – Riverland


A4 sized colourful posters relating to the effects of domestic violence designed by us. Enquiries welcome

Contact details Riverland office: 08 85822100 Murray Bridge office: 08 85318888 After hours: Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway 1800 800 098 


Website link MDVS www.rdvu.com.au
Centacare www.centacare.org.au


Name Centacare Whyalla Regional Domestic Violence Service
Regions serviced Whyalla, Iron Knob, Cowell, Cleve and Kimba
Services Provided Providing supported, transitional and crisis accommodation and other related services including information, advocacy and referral for individuals and families who have, or are, experiencing domestic or family violence
Contact details 5/7 Colebrook Street
Whyalla Stuart
PO BOX 2672
Whyalla Norrie 5608
Ph: 86453655
Fax: 86454788
Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway: 1800 800 098
Website link http://www.centacare.org.au/OurServices/DomesticViolenceandHomelessness/


Name Central Domestic Violence Service
Regions serviced Western and Eastern Adelaide metropolitan regions of Adelaide
Services Provided Safe and supported accommodation
Short term telephone counselling
Support and assistance to ATSI and CALD women
Support for children and young people
Groups and programs for women and children
Information provision and referrals to other agencies
Referral and information about:
  • Health, drug and alcohol issues
  • Legal aid matters
  • Accessing income support
  • Accessing independent , affordable accommodation
  • Immigration matters
Contact details Western Adelaide Domestic Violence Service Phone: 8268 7700
Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service Phone: 8365 5033
Website link www.cdvs.com.au


   Name Migrant Women’s Support Service Inc.
Regions serviced South Australia Statewide
Services Provided MIGRANT WOMEN’S SUPPORT SERVICE INC (MWSS) implements Statewide CALD Domestic Violence Service and together with Relationships Australia SA (RASA) they provide:MWSS and RASA value the right of all people to live in safety and be treated with respect and together they provide statewide services that offer a range of culturally sensitive supports through:
  • Sector Capacity Building for domestic violence and homelessness services workforce, and
  • Service Delivery to migrant clients of CALD backgrounds jointly with regional domestic violence services.

Statewide CALD Domestic Violence Service recognises that the impact of violence against migrant women and children from CALD backgrounds is often multiple and varied and that there may be physical, emotional, psychological, social, legal, financial and political repercussions. The service attempts to meet the diverse needs of migrant women and children who have experienced domestic violence.


  • Migrant Women’s Support Service Inc (MWSS) with regional domestic violence services works with migrant women and children of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in domestic violence to provide them with culturally sensitive risk and needs assessments, safety planning, support, information, advocacy and referral to and other relevant services.


  • Professional Development
    Relationships Australia SA(RASA) is sub-contracted by MWSS to deliver training on the issues of violence against migrant women from CALD.
  • Secondary Consultations
    Consultation for workers in domestic violence services and homelessness services regarding specific cultural needs of migrant and refugee clients.
  • Joint Case Management (NAHA)
    MWSS supports staff of regional domestic violence services and works with them collaboratively when addressing needs that are specific to migrant and refugee clients.
HOURS: Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm
TELEPHONE: (08) 8346 9417
FAX: (08) 8340 0978
EMAIL: admin@mwss.org.au
Website: www.migrantwomensservices.com.au
Website link www.migrantwomensservices.com.au




 Northern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service
(Northern Domestic Violence Service)  
Regions serviced Local Government Areas of Salisbury, Playford, Gawler, Mallala, Light and Barossa
Services Provided NDVS has a Shopfront at Elizabeth South for walk-ins requiring support and enquiries by members of the public; duty worker or phone enquiries support, information and options appointments and brief interventions; access to supported, emergency accommodation and short term housing; outreach program; domestic violence counselling; case work and case management; risk assessments and safety planning; Risk and Safety Reports; practical assistance and information on housing, financial, legal, police, employment, education and training matters; referral and advocacy services; group work for women. The service has two Children and Young People’s Advocates who provide support to mothers (re)building relationships with their children; information, counselling and support to young clients, referral to services working with children and young people, advocacy; assistance with access to educational and training institutions and support personnel; regular recreational activities NDVS has two Aboriginal Family Violence Workers who provide case management and support services to Aboriginal women and children; and act as liaison personnel between non indigenous staff and Aboriginal clients and Communities in the regionCommunity education and public awareness events
Contact details All enquiries to (08) 8255 2622: Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm orinfo@ndvs.asn.au After hours emergency assistance: Domestic and Family Violence Gateway Service 1800 800 098
Website link http://www.ndvs.asn.au/


Name Northern Regional Aboriginal Family Violence Service (Nunga MiMinar Inc.)
Services Provided

Culturally Respectful Supported Accommodation Service

Nunga MiMinar Inc. provides culturally respectful supported accommodation and related support services to assist Aboriginal women and their children whose lives are impacted by family violence. Nunga MiMinar has the capacity to provide short, medium, and longer term client accommodation and functions 24 hours 7 days. The service model also provides crisis care intervention and outreach services to assist address individual client needs.
Service provision is founded on a best practice equitable and responsive care Case Management approach which is developed in partnership and with a child focus with the client – based on the needs of the client and agreed outcome goals. Nunga MiMinar Inc. takes an active leadership role in delivering services specifically to the needs of Aboriginal women and the needs of Aboriginal children. Nunga MiMinar Inc. acknowledges Aboriginal children as individual clients in their own right with their own specialist needs. Nunga MiMinar Inc. provides a cultural identity for family violence within Aboriginal and mainstream communities.

The core philosophy of Nunga MiMinar Inc is to empower Aboriginal women and Aboriginal children. Nunga MiMinar Inc provides an inclusive family service strengthening Aboriginal client’s identity for families living in violence and trauma. Clients are nurtured within a safe and caring environment which encourages learning sustainable life changes.
Culture is the core through every element of Nunga MiMinar Inc.’s business. The principles of Nunga MiMinar Inc. are founded on the deep connection Aboriginal people have with their land – and the diverse traditions, customs and The Dreaming which are the base of Aboriginal culture. It is well recognised culture has a profound impact on the Aboriginal person’s belief systems and this appreciation is explicitly recognised and valued in all activities undertaken by Nunga MiMinar Inc.

Nunga MiMInar Inc. is increasingly recognised as able to provide specialist advice and knowledge on Aboriginal culture. The organisation is regularly consulted for input on the provision of culturally respectful practices and services which recognises the diversity of culture within the Aboriginal communities. Nunga MiMinar is in the unique position to assist and built cultural competence for others


Name Southern Domestic Violence Service
Services Provided Southern Domestic Violence Service was established in 1999 (following the restructuring of domestic violence services in the Metropolitan region) to service the inner southern and southern regions from Adelaide to Victor Harbor. The Service has two sites:
  • Southern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service – Morphett Vale
  • Southern Regional Aboriginal Domestic Violence & Family Violence Service – ‘Ninko Kurtangga Patpangga’(by your side in the south)

The Southern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service provides a mainstream service to women and children experiencing the effects of domestic violence and family violence.
Ninko Kurtangga Patpangga’ (by your side in the south) focuses on provision of accommodation and outreach support to:

  • Aboriginal women
  • Aboriginal women with children
  • Non Aboriginal women who have Aboriginal children.

Each site offers both accommodation (currently accessed through Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway referral) and outreach support to women and children.


Southern Domestic Violence Service is committed to working in partnership and collaboration with both Aboriginal and mainstream services and organizations across the region and beyond. The aim is provision of high quality, culturally sensitive and appropriate service delivery to women and children accessing the service, within a holistic framework of support and healing.

Services currently offered by Southern Domestic Violence Service include:

  • Safe supported accommodation
  • Supporting women and children in the community (outreach)
  • Domestic and Family Violence Counselling
  • Assistance for women and children from Aboriginal and Non English speaking background
  • Access for women and children with disabilities
  • Providing information and links to other services
  • Domestic and family violence support groups for women and children
  • Support with health, drug and alcohol issues
  • Support with legal matters
  • Accessing income support and benefits
  • Assisting with housing options
  • Retrieval of personal belongings
  • Specialist support to children and young people – individual counselling and group therapy, information and support for parents, referral and advocacy
  • Community education and training.
  • Support for women and children on the Motel Wait List
  • Support for women whose partners/ex partners are engaged in men’s programs

The Service is funded under the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA), which is administered jointly by the Commonwealth through the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.


  • Information and support groups for women and children within the southern regions
  • Court Support Program
  • Indigenous program
  • Brokerage services
  • Moving towards Responsibility for Violence Group – working with women whose partners/ex- partners attend this men’s group.
  • Intervention Orders Response program
  • Family Safety Frameworks

Staff also participates on various committees and networks relating to homelessness within the domestic and family violence sector and wider community.


The service staff: Executive Officer, Client Service Delivery Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, 2 x Senior Workers (1 per site), 5 x Domestic Violence Case Managers (SADVS), 1 x Aboriginal Family Violence Worker (SADVS), 3 x Aboriginal Family Violence Workers (NKP), 2 x Children & Young People’s Advocates (1 per site), 2× Women Safety Contact Officers (1 per site), and 2 x Administrative Assistants.


SDVS is located within the community services sector; it is an incorporated body with an independent Board of Management. The Board meets monthly and comprises a cross section of individuals from various agencies and at times former clients.


Office hours are 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. After hours, onsite clients may contact the service if in crisis through the on call system.


Aims to make women safer, children are less vulnerable and lives are less disrupted by family violence.


  • Intervene – Provide innovative and preventative services to women, children and young people affected by domestic violence through accommodation, outreach, education, therapy, community development, research and collaboration with other agencies. Support other organizations in the human services system with appropriate interventions.
  • Influence – Inform policy by being an influencer which will be achieved through relationships, advocacy and lobbying the government by creating visibility and a constant voice for the interests of women. Activity will include exploring research partnerships with universities to provide evidence based practices, international innovation and good practice, evaluation and sharing findings e.g. at conferences.
  • Educate – Provide community education and intervention responses to continuously improve awareness and build safer communities. Address the true dynamics of DV by pushing for men’s accountability. (DV is not women’s business)
  • Model – Illustrate good practices to make early intervention and prevention a community responsibility; everyone’s business, across diverse communities and sectors. E.g. child protection, justice and law, educational institutions, medical field, and new partners in business. Demonstrate effective cultural competence inclusive of all women and children, and particularly Aboriginal women, emerging communities and women with disabilities.


The work of SDVS is underpinned by the following values:

  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Equity
  • Inclusive of differences


Referrals for accommodation are mostly accepted from the Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway. The service accepts outreach referrals from agencies such as Families SA, South Australia Police, Community Health Centres, and Housing SA. Women may also refer themselves for information and support services.

Contact details PO BOX 188
Christies Beach SA 5165
Ph:    08 8382 0066
Fax: 08 8326 5980
Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway: 1800 800 098
Website link http://sdvs.org.au


Name Southern Junction Community Services Inc.
Regions serviced Fleurieu region, including the Alexandrina, Victor Harbor and Yankalilla Council regions and Kangaroo Island
Achievements and Programs Fleurieu Domestic Violence Service
Kangaroo Island Domestic Violence Service
Contact details Fleurieu: PO Box 2345 Goolwa SA 5214
1300 694 961
fdvs@southernjunction.org.auKangaroo Island : PO Box 836 Kingscote SA 5223
8553 2877
Website  http://junctionaustralia.org.au/


Name The Women’s Housing Association Inc.
Regions serviced Houses are located throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan area as well as a number of regional centres including: Murray bridge, Riverland, Mount Gambier, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Port Augusta.
Services Provided Medium to long term affordable housing for women, with or without children
Contact details Ph: 08 8231 0388
Fax: 08 8231 0366
Email: info@womenshousing.org.au
253 Gouger Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Website link http://womenshousing.org.au/about-womens-housing/


 Name  Victim Support Service
Regions serviced Offices in Adelaide, Port Augusta, Whyalla, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Berri, Murray Bridge and Mount Gambier
Services Provided Counselling, information about compensation, court companions, assistance with victim impact statements, Staying Home Staying Safe –security upgrade for domestic violence victims, advocacy, general information for victims of crime, services for those affected by homicide.
Contact details Victim Support Service 11 Halifax St Adelaide 08 8231 5626 Country Toll free: 1800 182 368 Email info@victimsa.orgPort Augusta: 08 8641 1115
Whyalla: 08 8645 5911
Port Pirie 08 8633 4888
Port Lincoln: 08 8683 0111
Riverland: 08 8582 2801
Murray Bridge: 08 8531 3987
South East: 08 8723 2968
Website link www.victimsa.org


Name Yarredi Services Inc. – Port Lincoln Regional Domestic Violence Service
(A Service Excellence Accredited Organisation)
Regions serviced Port Lincoln and Lower Eyre Peninsula
(including Elliston, Cleve, Cowell, Tumby Bay, Cummins, Lock, Wudinna)
Services Provided Range of support for women and children experiencing or at risk from domestic or Aboriginal family violence. Services include dv counselling, advocacy, accommodation, Children’s Wellbeing Program, referral and practical assistance. Other services provided are group work, community development and training.
Contact details Ph: 08 8683 0311
Fax: 08 8683 0405
Client Free Call (from land line only) 1800 110 617
Website link www.yarredi.org.au
Name Yorke and Mid North Domestic Violence Service
Regions serviced Mid North – Port Pirie
Lower North – Clare
Yorke Peninsula – Kadina
Services Provided
  • 24 hour response to women and children at risk
  • Accommodation
  • Domestic Violence and Family Counselling
  • Information and referral to Other Support Services
  • Advocacy
  • Information and assistance to access Independent Housing
Contact details Mid North (Port Pirie) 24/7 – 0428 326 540
Lower North (Clare) 24/7 – 0428 326 530
Yorke Peninsula (Kadina) 24/7 – 0428 326 527
Website link http://www.ucwcsa.org.au